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how to Reverse Thinning Hair

There was a recent discovery that could help those who had the condition of hair loss. It turned out be a non-surgical treatment for the condition, referred to as low-level laser therapy. It turned out that the technology is not a recent discovery. It was already in use as far back as fifty years ago, for treatment of conditions such as chronic pain, among others. The doctors came to this discovery by accident, since it was not their aim to cause hair to increase growth, but that was what was happening. Cancer was seen as what could result from using this kind of laser on humans. So as an experiment to rule this out, low-level laser technology was used on mice, which surprisingly had more hair growing in those areas where it was directed. this accidental discovery would find more use in a much later stage.

It is still a mystery how low-level laser therapy has the power to increase people’s hair growth rates. There is some speculation that points towards the idea that this therapy can increase the amount of blood flowing to the specific area being treated. Others believe it is the transfer of light energy straight to the cells of the hair that causes an increase in hair growth rates. You need to know that this therapy is not effective in areas that have completely become bald. Those who take it up need to also know that they shall always be on this therapy for it to kept the effects.

There are two variants of the low-level laser products. There is the type that can safely be used at home. This is the one that enables people to carry out their treatments right from home. Its only problem is that it will lack optimum intensity and optimum coverage, when compared to the other type. The other type on the other hand can only be used at the doctor’s office. It gives forth a lot more energy and coverage. You will however need to keep going back to the office for treatments. It is still not clear which among these is the best method to use.

Low level laser therapy is seen as a good method of treating those who have androgenic alopecia, regardless of the fact that they are men or women. It is unfortunate that for all its effectiveness, it cannot treat cases of people who have already gone completely bald. It works best for thinning hair instead. Depending on whether it is home or office treatment, you will have to go through some distinct procedures. Despite the fact that no clear winner has emerge among them, they are both effective solutions.

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